Seminars in Law Enforcement

Suicidal Ideation and Suicide Risks for LE Personnel

Upon completion, learners will be able to:

  • Define suicidal ideation, attempted suicide and completed suicide;
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms associated with suicidal ideation and attempted suicide;
  • Understand personal risks for suicidal ideation and completed suicide;
  • Acknowledge statistics and one’s risk of completed suicide when attempted suicides are present;
  • Recognize contributing factors for suicidal ideation and one’s risk for suicide;
  • Occupational risks for suicidal ideation and completed suicide;
  • Seek out assistance for suicidal ideation, depression and issues that contribute to one exhibiting these feelings before suicide is seen as a viable option;
  • Assist in breaking down stigmas attached to issues of mental health;
  • Learn how to interact with health care providers when asking questions about depression, suicidal ideation or mental illness;
  • Implement stress management techniques to limit one’s exposure to bad stress, while reducing risk of depression; and
  • Understand correlations between depression, suicide ideation, suicide attempts and completed suicide


Seminar details

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