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Sexual Deviant Killers

This course offers extensive examination into the minds of convicted murderers and violent sex offenders, whose primary motive is sex-related and who predominantly target women and children. The instructor’s post-secondary educational background and credentials, hands-on investigative research and years of practice trudging through the dark minds of the most unusual, violent and deranged individuals makes this course unique. Specifically, this course emphasizes the psychology behind the crime while analyzing and interpreting true accounts and the disturbing viewpoints and motives of some of the most dangerous men behind bars, including inmates on death row. The instructor probes the evolution and unsettling features of violent deviant pathology providing forethought and credible warning signs that include elusive topics, such as necrophilia, cannibalism, criminal sexual sadism, war rape, voyeurism, bestiality and serial lust murder.

Case samples and various crime scene photos that depict multifarious features of abnormal sexual pathology will be used, and offender psychosocial histories and backgrounds will be presented and analyzed. The goal is to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of the overall mindset and fantasy facilitators. Examination of the killers’ signature, violent sex offender behaviors and etiologies will be studied with the goal of identifying warning signs, interviewing suspects, increasing effectiveness in search warrants and greater case preparation from inception to case closure.

Although, extremely informative, due to its explicit nature this course that provides a glance into the darkest corners of humanity is not intended for everyone and is primarily designed for those working in law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole.

*This lecture contains sensitive and graphic subject matter.*

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