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Law Enforcement Resiliency and Peer Support

The Law Enforcement Resiliency and Peer Support Training Course is a practical course of instruction designed to provide law enforcement peer counselors with the ability to conduct individual psychological debriefings, provide peer counseling, make appropriate professional intervention referrals for peers and their family members as needed, and connect these approaches to the enhancement of human resiliency in the field of law enforcement. 

This unique course provides the newly assigned peer counselor with an understanding of police stress, physiological aspects of stress, an overview of mental health issues, factors in police suicide, effective communication, and drug and alcohol use and abuse.  Students will learn how to conduct individual psychological debriefings and initiate and manage peer support programs.

Special emphasis on the stress of undercover operations, assignment to high-risk or specialized teams, exposure to critical incidents, and the effects of a depressed economy will be addressed.  A dynamic group study and presentation is required to demonstrate the students understanding of peer counseling approaches and policies.

 Topics include:

Overview of Peer Support and Resiliency
Principles of Police Stress
Peer Support for the Family
Overview of Mental and Emotional Health Issues Related to Police Stress
Physiological Aspects of Police Stress
Understanding Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Police Suicide
Effective Communication
Coping With Stress
Human Resiliency and Law Enforcement
Conducting Debriefings
Peer Support Program Management

Seminar details

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