Seminars in Law Enforcement

Rapid Response Critical Thinking

The focus of this training is to develop your ability to think quickly, clearly and with precision during critical events. The eight-hour class will teach you ways to develop reliable brain function under pressurized conditions. You will learn how physical fitness plays a key role in mental function and reliability.

You will also learn strategies and exercises to:

  • Improve rapid visual-information processing.
  • Increase your ability to respond to critical situations with sound reasoning skills.
  • "Train the brain" to process information quickly with precision in excited environments.
  • Diminish mental confusion and increase mental energy.
  • Improve situational concentration and focus in pressurized environments.
Continuing education credit

Continuing education credit will be stated on the registration form found in the seminar calendar.

Registration fee

Each time the course is offered, the registration fee will be included on the registration form found in the seminar calendar.

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