Seminars in Law Enforcement

Professional Standards & Internal Affairs

The professional standards model is a must for law enforcement and government officials to be prepared before a critical incident occurs. This two day course sets the stage for law enforcement executives, internal affairs investigators and supervisors to create an agency wide practice of professional standards all agency operations and how to thoroughly investigate complaints against employees. In the covered material, attendees will understand “best practices” including how to avoid the problems before they occur, properly address issues that do arise. This is a comprehensive course covering the entire internal affairs process through final discipline.

Also covered in this course is the effective use of the media to ensure transparency and accountability, the legal aspects of the internal affairs process, rights of employees, and the impact that a process has on communities as a whole.


  • Current climate between public and police
  • The professional standards model
  • 5 root causes of discipline problems
  • Stakeholders and their perceptions
  • Types of internal investigations
  • The complaint process
  • The investigation process
  • Officer involved shootings and major incidents
  • Employee rights
  • Appropriate discipline procedures
  • Workplace searches
  • False Complaints 
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