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Solutions to Problem Employees

Why another program on leadership? Leadership has been a recognized discipline for thousands of years in the military, business, politics and government. Understanding leadership differences along with similar approaches across disciplines can be of great value to public safety professionals. Advances in the understanding of leadership as it pertains to law enforcement have found that the best leaders must have an overlapping skill set.

This compelling and powerful program provides real world, successful examples on how leadership in law enforcement has evolved. Participants will take away a clear understanding of leadership styles and strengths, and what it takes to become an even more effective leader. You will understand the value in developing flexibility in your leadership approaches to garner peak performance and meet organizational goals. Also, this course provides real world, successful examples on how to deal with different types of problem employees and provides the law enforcement professional with the knowledge and tools necessary to deal with all types of problem employees. Every law enforcement agency struggles with employees that are insubordinate, lazy, abuse sick time, display negative attitudes and commit misconduct. Many law enforcement executives and supervisors are ill equipped to deal with these problems other than with traditional discipline.

Topics include:

  • What is leadership — do not follow fads.
  • Morale in this department horrible!
  • How has leadership advanced in law enforcement   
  • The best leaders are…
  • Different styles of leadership
  • Symptoms of leadership deficit
  • What gets measured gets done
  • The impact of negative discipline
  • The power of expectation
  • Defining the problem employee
  • Preventing employees from becoming problems
  • The concept of dynamic counseling session
  • Handling morale killers in your organization
  • The role of positive discipline in shaping employees
  • Understanding if the employee is a problem or troubled
  • The difference between leadership, management and administration
  • The organizational or supervisory role and the cause of the problem employee

Who should attend: This two-day course is a designed for all law enforcement professionals who strive to be an effective leader. Without understanding leadership and developing strong leadership skills, organizational success can suffer. Effective leaders get employees to want to provide quality service. An examination of what causes employees to be problems and how to effectively lead them is critical to the success of an organization.

Seminar details

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