Seminars in Law Enforcement

Post Trauma Stress Affecting Military Public Safety Professionals and Military Family Members

This course offers an in-depth discussion of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:

  • Signs and symptoms of the condition,
  • How it manifests,
  • How stigma and stress play a factor in triggering it, and
  • How and what strategies appear to be successful in managing those who may suffer from it. 

As a result, these innovative approaches and direction will assist others in cultivating a more insightful appreciation of how such individuals who suffer from a condition struggle with attempts to problem solve in everyday life. More and more of our military veterans and families experience an array of changes and transition from pre-deployment to post-deployment. This initiative will not only educate others but also attempt to provide the necessary insight and psychologically based management tools for reducing the potential for a critical incident. The program will also penetrate the “Stigma” dynamic and will assist others in “normalizing” such behavioral and emotional reactions that many veterans and their families experience following stages of deployment.

Seminar details

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