Seminars in Law Enforcement

Medicolegal Death Investigation — Level One

Taught by skilled instructors working the field of criminal investigations, this course will provide an intermediate level overview of the skills required to properly work a death-scene investigation. The format will develop confidence in the investigator and hone valuable skills.

After competing this course, the investigator will have the ability to:

  • Understand the legal restriction of search and seizure,
  • Document a scene,
  • Locate and collect evidence,
  • Properly distinguish differing manners of death,
  • Understand wound and injury interpretation,
  • Understand the dynamics of a child death,
  • Conduct witness interviews,
  • Interrogate suspects,
  • Properly complete reports, and
  • Prepare for courtroom testimony.

This course is very graphic and intense. Included in this course will be several post-mortem examination photographs and video segments as well as injury, death and homicide scenes through photos and video of actual cases.

Course is accredited by The American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABMDI) and Missouri POST

**Every participant will receive a course workbook, presentation slides (excluding photographs) on a USB flash drive, handouts, other materials and certificates.

Seminar details

Each time this seminar is offered, details such as dates, time, location, registration fees, continuing education units (CEUs) offered and relevant instructor information will be available on the registration form found in the calendar.

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