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A Handbook for Law Enforcement Officers

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The 33rd Edition is available for pre-order. It includes the most recent changes in the Missouri Revised Criminal Code, including those that take effect August 28, 2017.

The Missouri Criminal Code is the source document that all Missouri academies are required to use for teaching the objectives of the Missouri statutory law. It covers relevant laws and scenarios that you could encounter on the job. Each section details a specific area of the law and makes the legal jargon of police work understandable.

The handbook offers examples of Missouri offenses and insights to investigate them. It provides answers that will legally protect you, the law enforcement officer. Geared to in-service police officers, The Missouri Criminal Code gives you the confidence that comes with knowing your own legal rights as you protect public safety.

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Available for Pre-order: 33rd Edition (2017) of The Missouri Criminal Code: A Handbook for Law Enforcement Officers. Shipments will start in August 2017.

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