Seminars in Law Enforcement

Defensive Knife Tactics

If you carry a knife on duty, you should take this class.

In this eight-hour seminar, the average officer can learn to carry, deploy and use a knife. This is not a martial arts knife-fighting course. After taking this seminar, you will be able to determine when it is legally and tactically appropriate to use a knife as a defensive weapon.

Topics include:

  • Safe utility usage of an edged weapon
  • Employing a knife as a weapon retention tool to defend an officer's holstered side arm
  • Learning the 12 most common cutting and thrusting angles
  • Applying scenario training with force-on-force instruction

Bring the following equipment:

  • Comfortable clothes with pockets — jeans, BDUs, etc.
  • Belt
  • Pair of leather gloves
  • Knife (If you carry a knife on duty, please bring it. A knife will be provided if one is not available to you.)
Seminar details

Each time this seminar is offered, details such as dates, time, location, registration fees, continuing education units (CEUs) offered and relevant instructor information will be available on the registration form found in the calendar.

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