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De-Escalation of the Mental Health Crisis for Patrol Supervisors and Negotiating with the Fellow Officer

De-escalation of the Mental Health Crisis for Patrol Supervisors

Among the most complex responsibilities of law enforcement supervisors is managing the emergency response to a person experiencing a mental health crisis. Whether the response is related to the abuse of drugs or alcohol, severe mental illness, a psychotic event, a person who is actively suicidal or a person who is engaged in suicide-by-cop behavior, law enforcement is expected to intervene with the least amount of force necessary by applying appropriate, risk-effective intervention techniques. Supervisors will learn about the value of dispatchers in the de-escalation process as well as CIT Officers, ECIT officers and ultimately the progression to negotiation and tactical resources. A number of audio/video clips will reinforce the complex decision-making challenges each patrol officer faces. Legally sound and practical techniques will give patrol supervisors the confidence to deal with a myriad of situations as well as the aftermath of situations with unintended consequences.

Negotiating with the Fellow Officer

The most lethal aspect of police work is suicide. Every 21 hours, a police officer takes his or her own life. When that police officer is actively suicidal and therefore presenting potential risk to others, it places responders and supervisors in a very unique and dangerous position.

Negotiating a crisis incident involving a fellow officer is among the most emotionally complex threats facing a law enforcement agency. Students will learn about police socialization and the evolution of a crisis including pre-incident indicators and high-risk factors related to a suicidal or suicide-by-cop crisis.

Students will learn practical and risk-effective approaches for communicating with the officer in crisis. Short, practical exercises will reinforce the lecture portion of the presentation.

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