Seminars in Law Enforcement

Combat Thinking for Law Enforcement

This is a unique seminar for officers to attend, which is highly informative and has an exciting delivery of material. This training is enlightening training that will allow law enforcers to enhance their own survival skills and increase awareness to their duties. Combat Thinking is a way of superior training with mental preparation, distinguishing and evaluating threats against police. Knowledge gained is from current research and studies which allows law enforcement to have a clear understanding of current threats and dealing danger. Training here is a focus on techniques designed to increase officer safety and attentiveness.

Topics covered:

  • Handling violent situations survival enhancement
  • Stress management attitude of survival
  • Positive combat aspects of confrontations
  • Mental vigilance tactical thinking
  • Lessons from the military deadly knowledge
  • Critical incidences training techniques existence
  • Physiological impacts line of duty shootings
Seminar details

Each time this seminar is offered, details such as dates, time, location, registration fees, continuing education units (CEUs) offered and relevant instructor information will be available on the registration form found in the calendar.


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