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The Balanced Warrior: A Proactive Approach to Officer Wellness

Life is a juggling act. We all struggle at some time or another with balancing life. Some of us have it down, while others of us will seem to always struggle. Life has its challenges for everyone, but there are certain things in our lives, which put us behind before we ever get a fair shake. There are specific things in the lives of police officers which can not only be detrimental to life’s balance, but to their overall health, relationships and work performance. This class aims at recognizing the barriers that exist for officers personally or professionally. This class will provide officers with tools and skills sets in which to overcome these obstacles without reverting to maladaptive coping-type mechanisms. This class builds empowerment. It allows the officer to see the hurdles, while making the best possible decision to overcome it. Life is full of hurdles and some will be left trying to jump over without success. Still others will see no way out, no way to ask for help without losing everything. And some will take their own lives. No officers should ever see suicide as a viable option. Every officer should know there is help. Resources are available to help officers overcome life’s hurdles, whatever they may be. This class is not about judgment but rather empowerment.

Upon completion, learners will realize what it means to be a balanced warrior. Learners will understand the importance of holistic wellness and the detriments to not maintaining balance. Each learner will be provided with tools and skills sets necessary to maintain personal and professional balance.

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