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Administrator's Role in Managing the Use of Force Incident

An improperly managed use of force incident can cost your department millions of dollars and cause long term damage to the department’s public image and reputation. This informative seminar provides criminal justice administrators with the information necessary to effectively manage the use of force incident and prevent department liability.

Topics covered:

  • Current Supreme Court rulings on deadly force
  • Recent appellate court taser rulings
  • Causes of officer and department liability
  • Actions that damage an officer’s credibility
  • Proper use of force evidence collection
  • Forensic taser evidence that is critical to an officer’s defense
  • Proactive approach to managing department and officer liability
  • Creating court defensible training records
  • Creating defensible use of force policies
  • Guidelines for managing witness’ perceptions at the scene of a force incident
  • Reducing panic-induced excessive force by officers
  • Properly documenting the use of force incident
  • Supervisor’s role in minimizing citizen complaints at the scene
  • Coaching officers to prevent excessive force litigation
  • Conducting excessive force and misconduct investigations
  • Conducting a post-incident use of force team debriefing
  • Management’s role in use of force training and evaluation
  • Administrators' role in preventing department liability
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