Seminars in Law Enforcement

8-Hour Continuing Education Training

This 8 hour seminar will satisfy the P.O.S.T Commission Topic Area requirement for 2017.


2 Hours

This dynamic and interactive block of instruction is designed to educate officers to avoid an action imperative mindset while resolving confrontational situations and the potential safety and liability issues associated with an improper response.  Participants will also learn how to apply law enforcement philosophies to be able to safely de-escalate a crisis situation.

Curricular Area  2 Hours - Interpersonal Perspectives

Topic Areas  2 Hours - Tactical training to include de-escalation techniques, crisis management, critical thinking and social intelligence.



2 Hours

This block of training is designed to help the officer understand that even well-intentioned people have biases; Understand how implicit biases impact on what we perceive and can impact what we do; Understand that fair and impartial policing leads to effective policing; and use tools to help recognize their conscious and implicit biases, and implement unbiased behavioral responses.

Curricular Area 1 Hour - Legal Studies & 1 Hour - Interpersonal Perspectives

Topic Area 2 Hours - Fair and impartial policing practices including implicit bias recognition.



4 Hours

This 4-hour block of instruction is designed to provide a better understanding of what cognitive impairments are and what mental illness is and is not.  The topics covered include ideas for handling calls that involve individuals who have a mental illness or cognitive impairment, identifying and understanding the stresses that the officer will face, and understanding the effects of psychological trauma.  There will be focused discussion on the effects of a healthy life-style, the importance of having an appropriate fitness regimen, and establishing good nutritional habits.  These things directly affect an officer’s longevity, and their ability to effectively fulfill their professional law enforcement duties.

Curricular Area 4 Hours - Technical Studies

Topic Areas 2 Hours - Handling persons with mental health and cognitive impairment issues; and 2 Hours - Officer well-being, including mental health awareness

Seminar details

Each time this seminar is offered, details such as dates, time, location, registration fees, continuing education units (CEUs) offered, and relevant instructor information will be available on the registration form found in the calendar.

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